New!  12 week Introductory Winter League starts November 13, 2023


Winter Series

Restaurant challenge League

 Designed for Restaurant / Bar / Hospitality Industry employees.  Teams consist of any group of friends (you don't have to be employed by a bar or restaurant to join) who want to join a league for a low price.

League Starts:  November 6 and bowls every Monday at 10pm.  Teams consist of 3 bowlers.  League bowls for 12 weeks ending on Feb 12 then Award Party on Feb 19.

Everything is simplified and figured out for you.  Just get your group together and join the league!

The Monday Restaurant Challenge Series is designed to bowl 4 seasons throughout the year.  You decide how often and which session you would like to participate.

Welcome to the Restaurant Challenge Bowling League - Where Hospitality Meets Strikes and Spares!

Are you ready to roll into some serious fun? The Restaurant Challenge Bowling League invites you to be part of an exhilarating bowling experience like no other. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, our league guarantees a fantastic time for everyone.


Mondays at 10 pm (Nov 13)


At Southland Lanes you get the same lanes each week with no waiting time, so you can focus on perfecting your game.

What to Expect:
🎳 Weekly Stats:
Track your progress and see how you stack up against fellow competitors with our comprehensive weekly statistics.

🎳 Mix of Amazing People: Join a diverse group of individuals, all connected by their passion for bowling and the hospitality industry. It's the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and forge connections.

🎳 Groovy Vibes: Get ready to groove to some great music while you aim for those strikes and spares. Our lively atmosphere adds an extra layer of excitement to your Monday night bowling sessions.

🎳 Year-Round Bowling: We bowl throughout the year, no matter the season - fall, winter, spring, or summer. Choose the time that suits you best and keep the fun rolling all year long.

🎳 Affordable Fun: This 12-week league won't break the bank. It's an affordable way to challenge yourself and enjoy some leisurely competition.

🎳 Team Spirit: Encourage your company to sponsor a team and watch your camaraderie soar. It's a fantastic way to reward your hardworking staff members, from managers to bartenders, servers, and beyond.

How to Join:
Signing up is a breeze! Simply register, mark your calendar, and show up on your chosen Monday night. But don't wait too long; space is limited, and this league is in high demand!

Grand Finale:
As the season concludes, get ready for the highlight of the league - our Awards Night! It's a night of celebration, laughter, and prizes galore. We'll recognize outstanding performances and make sure everyone goes home with a smile.

Don't miss your chance to be part of the Restaurant Challenge Bowling League - a beloved favorite returning to entertain and thrill hospitality industry professionals. Join us today and start rolling those strikes! Your next bowling adventure awaits.

2 Ways to Join this Winter 12 week session:

Individual Registration


Register in the league as an individual and join an existing team.  You get a full 12 week season for 1 player. 

Team Registration


Register a Team of 3 bowlers.  You get the full season of 3 spots with up to 2 subs for your team.

Whether you are registering as Individual or Team, include names of the other bowlers on your team:


Great Value compared to other activities

Primetime Lanes guaranteed each week with no wait. Compare to lanes for retail value of $38 per hour x 3 hours for 12 weeks -  Over $1,300 Value!  Everyone bowls 3 games.   


3-Person Teams

A team consists of Three bowlers each Monday for 12 weeks.  A team can include up to 2 subs on the team roster.  Make up a team with 3 individuals who registered and paid for the season or you purchase an entire team and assign who you want to bowl each week.


12 Week Schedule

Bowls Every Monday at 10pm.
Week 1: Nov 13
Week 2: Nov 20
Week 3: Nov 27
Week 4: Dec 4
Week 5:  Dec 11
Week 6: Dec 18
No Bowling Christmas Dec 25
No Bowling New Years Jan 1
Week 7:  Jan 8
Week 8:  Jan 15
Week 9:  Jan 22
Week 10:  Jan 29
Week 11: Feb 5
Week 12: Feb 12
Award Party: Feb 19

League Rules:

The Restaurant Challenge League will bowl on Mondays at 10pm. The league will have a scheduled starting date of November 13, 2023 ending date of February 12 and will participate for a total of 12 weeks followed by an Award Night on February 19.

Rule 1. The league will be managed by Southland Lanes.

Rule 2. The league will consist of 20 teams with a playing strength of 3. Rosters will be limited to 5 members (3 regulars and up to 2 subs) per team. The names of players, as well as any changes in the roster during the season, are to be reported to Southland Lanes before a player competes.

Rule 3. All league members must bowl at least 2/3 of the league’s scheduled games to be eligible for individual league prizes or awards. Special individual & team high series and game prizes shall be awarded on a scratch/ handicap basis.

Rule 4. Entering averages of all players shall be determined in the following order: a. Average established in this league last season, based on 21 games or more. b. Highest average from the previous season in any Southland League or USBC league, based on 21 games or more. c. Current average from and Southland League or another USBC league, based on 21 games or more. d. Bowlers who do not have a qualifying average outlined in items a-c will establish their average the first session they bowl.

Rule 5. The league will determine wins and losses on a handicap / scratch basis (select one). Handicap will be 90% of the difference between a bowler’s average and a scratch figure of 230.

Rule 6. The minimum legal lineup of 2 players must be present before the completion of the first frame of each game. Regular members and substitutes count toward a legal lineup.

Rule 7. Absentee and vacancy scores will be allowed when a team has a legal lineup, but less than a full lineup at the start of any game in a series. Handicap will be figured on the average of absent member. The absentee score will be the absent member’s average minus 10 pins.

Teams having an incomplete roster will use a score of 120 for the vacant position, which shall be used for the basis of determining handicap.

Rule 8. All postponement requests must be approved by Southland Lanes. Teams may request to bowl unopposed before or after a regularly scheduled match.

Rule 9. A bowler who arrives late may enter the game provided 3 frames have not been completed. In this situation frames missed may be made up.

Rule 10. Team position standings shall be determined on a point basis, with 1 point awarded for each game won and 1 point awarded for the high team series in each match.

Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter: Join the Restaurant Challenge League Today!

Introducing the Late-Night 10 PM Restaurant Challenge League, an exciting bowling experience spanning twelve weeks, commencing on  November 13th. If you couldn't find a spot in any of this fall's existing leagues but still have a keen interest in participating, here's an alternative for you to explore:

Here are the key details:

- A 12-week duration designed for maximum convenience
- A team-based format that fosters social interaction and engagement
- Perfect for beginners and those returning to the bowling scene
- If you had intentions to join a league previously but couldn't, don't miss out this time

- Rekindle your love for bowling without a long-term commitment
- Build new friendships and connections within a supportive community
- Embrace the excitement of competitive bowling on convenient midweek evenings
- Enjoy late night, after work hours specifically setup for you and your friends or coworkers.  

The Restaurant Challenge League offers you the flexibility to participate in any season of your choice: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer. Each season has a shorter duration (12 weeks) and grants priority enrollment opportunities to past participants. Approximately halfway through the season, you'll have the first chance to register for the upcoming session before it becomes available to the general public. This pre-sale system ensures everyone's league spot is secured before the season kicks off.

New seasons are introduced year-round, allowing ample time for advance planning and getting your friends signed up. Season lengths and team availability may vary depending on the time of year, with durations ranging from 8 to 12 weeks.


$3,315 Prize Fund

Based on 20 teams of 3 bowling for 12 weeks.

1st Place: $825
2nd Place: $600
3rd Place: $420
4th Place: $300
5th Place: $240
6th Place: $225
7th Place: $150
8th Place: $120
9th Place: $75
10th Place: $60

Individual Prizes:

High Scratch Game $25

High Average (Male) $25

High Handicap Game $25

High Average (Female) $25

High Series Scratch $25

Most Improved Average (Male) $25

High Series Handicap $25

Most Improved Average Average (Female) $25

More Reasons Join This League:

  • Helps You Discover The Perfect Bowling League That Suits Your Skill Level, Schedule, And Social Preferences
  • Gets You More Enjoyment And Fulfillment From Your Bowling League Experience
  • Makes It Easy To Find The Perfect Bowling League That Aligns With Your Preferences And Skill Level
  • Gives You Opportunity To Connect With Like-minded Bowlers, Improve Your Skills, And Enjoy A Fulfilling League Experience
  • ​Avoids The Frustration Of Joining The Wrong Bowling League And Missing Out On The Social And Competitive Benefits You're Seeking
  • Discover The Real SECRET For Finding The Ideal Bowling League That Perfectly Fits Your Skill Level, Schedule, And Social Preferences​
  • ​Develop friendships with others on your team and new ones on other teams.
  • ​Blow off steam and relax after a long day at work in a place made to have fun in a competitive and fun format.
  • Escape The Frustration Of Sifting Through Numerous Bowling League Options And The Fear Of Ending Up In A League That Doesn't Meet Your Expectations

8 Concerns People have when considering joining this league:

1. Time Constraints
You might worry that committing to a league will consume too much of your limited free time during the week.
The Restaurant Challenge League addresses this by being held on Monday nights at 10pm, providing a perfect after work break without overwhelming participants' schedules. The league's 12-week duration also strikes a balance between commitment and convenience.

2. Skill Level Apprehension

Some individuals might hesitate to join due to concerns about their bowling skills not being up to par.
The league embraces bowlers of all skill levels. With its friendly and inclusive atmosphere, participants can comfortably improve their techniques and witness progress, receiving encouragement and support from fellow bowlers.

3. Lack of Camaraderie
Individuals might worry that joining a league won't provide the social aspect they desire.
The league fosters camaraderie and lasting friendships through dynamic team formations each week. This encourages connections, enabling participants to build meaningful relationships within the bowling community.

4. Compatibility with Schedule
Concerns about league timings clashing with work or other commitments might deter potential participants.
The Restaurant Challenge League is strategically scheduled to accommodate a wide range of schedules. Participants can enjoy league bowling without compromising their work or personal life.

5. Finding the Right Fit
Some bowlers might worry about joining a league that isn't aligned with their preferences or skill level.
The league offers a customized experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced bowler, you'll find suitable teammates and a level playing field. This ensures that everyone can confidently participate and contribute to the league's success.

6. Competitive Pressure
Individuals might fear that league play will be too competitive, taking away from the enjoyment of the game.
The league emphasizes friendly competition and focuses on the joy of bowling and the connections formed. While there's an element of competition, the primary goal is for participants to have fun and embrace the camaraderie.

7. Uncertainty About Progress
Some bowlers might worry about their progress and improvement during the league.
The league is designed to help participants see tangible progress in their bowling techniques. With dynamic teams, supportive peers, and 12 weeks of consistent play, bowlers can look forward to boosting their confidence and skills.

8. Leisure Time Sacrifice
Individuals might hesitate due to the perceived trade-off between leisure time and league participation.
The Restaurant Challenge League eliminates this concern by offering a convenient and enjoyable way to spend Monday nights during the fall season. It ensures that participants can both enjoy their leisure time and actively engage in a rewarding bowling experience.

If you've thought of any of these reasons before, please consider the Restaurant Challenge League provides a solution that caters to bowlers' concerns and encourages their active participation.

2 Ways to Join this Fall 8 week session:

Individual Registration


Register in the league as an individual and join an existing team.  You get a full 12 week season for 1 player. 

Team Registration


Register a Team of 3 bowlers.  You get the full season of 3 spots with up to 2 subs for your team.