2023/24 Saturday Morning Youth League

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Program Benefits:

  • Age Divisions:  Pee Wee (4-5 yr), Bantams (6-8 yr), Preps (9-11 yr), Juniors (12-14 yr), Seniors (15-18)
  • Bowls every Saturday 9am-12pm: League Starts Sept 16 for 25 weeks with Holiday Breaks Ends on Apr 13
  • Healthy Competition:  Friendly competition in the league can boost confidence and self-esteem, teaching young individuals how to handle success and challenges gracefully.
  • Social Interaction:  Joining a league encourages socialization, teamwork, and friendship-building among peers, helping children develop interpersonal skills.
  • Discipline and Responsibility: Being part of a league teaches kids discipline, responsibility, and commitment, as they have regular practice and competition schedules to follow.
  • Personal Growth: Participating in a junior bowling program can boost self-confidence and self-esteem as young bowlers see their progress over time. They learn to set goals, handle challenges, and experience the satisfaction of achieving their targets, contributing to their personal growth and development.
  • Skill Development:  Youth bowlers can improve their technique, focus, and concentration, fostering a sense of accomplishment as they see progress over time.
  • Lifelong Hobby: Many participants develop a lifelong interest in bowling, creating a recreational activity they can enjoy throughout their lives.
  • Stress Relief:  Bowling can be a stress-relieving activity for children, offering a break from school or other daily pressures.

25 Week Schedule With Holiday Breaks:

    Registration/Organization Day: Sept 9 | Week 1: Sept16 | Week 2: Sept 23 | Week 3: Sept 30 | No Bowling on Fall Break: Oct 7
    Week 4: Oct 14 | Week 5: Oct 21 |Week 6: Oct 28 | Week 7: Nov 4 | Week 8: Nov 11 | Week 9: Nov 18
    No Bowling Thanksgiving: Nov 25 | Week 10: Dec 2 | Week 11: Dec 9 | Week 12: Dec 16
    No Bowling Holidays: Dec 23, 30 | Week 13: Jan 6 | Week 14: Jan 13 |Week 15: Jan 20 | Week 16: Jan 27
    Week 17: Feb 3 | Week 18: Feb 10
 | Week 19: Feb 17 | Week 20: Feb 24
 | Week 21: Mar 2 | Week 22: Mar 9
    Week 23: Mar 16 | Week 24: Mar 23 | Spring Break April 6 | Week 25: April 13 | League Banquet: April 20

5 Different Divisions:

Price includes the entire 25 week season and Sanction Fee for the season.

Pee Wee Division: Kids aged 4-5 bowl 2 games every Saturday 9am-11am. 

Bantam Division:  Kids aged 6-8 bowl 2 games every Saturday 9am-11am

Preps Division:
  Kids aged 9-11 bowl 3 game every Saturday 9am-12pm

Junior Division:
  Kids aged 12-14 bowl 3 game every Saturday 9am-12pm

Senior Division:  Kids aged 15-18 bowl 3 game every Saturday 9am-12pm

Pee Wee Division (ages 4-5)

25 week season program of Pee Wee Division
bowling 2 games every Saturday 9am-11am.
Sanction Fee Included


Bantam Division (ages 6-8)

25 week season program of Bantam Division
bowling 2 games every Saturday 9am-11am.
Sanction Fee Included


Prep Division (ages 9-10)

25 week season program of Prep Division
bowling 3 games every Saturday 9am-12pm.
Sanction Fee Included


Junior Division (ages 12-14)

25 week season program of Junior Division
bowling 3 games every Saturday 9am-12pm.
Sanction Fee Included


Senior Division (ages 15-18)

25 week season program of Senior Division
bowling 3 games every Saturday 9am-12pm.
Sanction Fee Included


Optional Tee Shirt

Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


  • Free Weekly Coaching:  USBC Sport Safe Certified Coaches provide skill training each week on the lanes.
  • 25 Week Season: League Starts Sept 16 for 25 weeks with Holiday Breaks Ends on Apr 13.
  • Teamwork based competitions: Fosters teamwork and camaraderie among participants which helps children learn the importance of working together, supporting their teammates, and practicing good sportsmanship.
  • Physical fitness:  Bowling is a sport that involves physical activity, helping kids improve their balance, coordination, and overall fitness levels.
  • Social interaction: Joining a bowling league allows kids to interact with peers, make new friends, and develop social skills in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Sportsmanship: Learning to compete in a friendly and respectful manner teaches kids the value of sportsmanship and how to handle both wins and losses graciously.
  • Self-confidence:  As young bowlers progress and achieve personal goals, their self-esteem and confidence can grow, contributing positively to their overall well-being.
  • Inclusivity:  Youth bowling leagues often welcome children of all skill levels, providing an inclusive environment for kids to participate, regardless of their abilities.
  • Family bonding: Bowling can become a family activity, offering opportunities for parents and siblings to spend quality time together.
  • Scholarship opportunities: For more serious bowlers, excelling in youth bowling leagues can open doors to college scholarships and opportunities for competitive play at higher levels.
  • End of Season Award Party: ​​Pizza Party and award ceremony recognizing all the accomplishments of the individuals and teams.